Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Another One Down

On my daily walk today I noticed another pub closed and boarded. The Bricklayer's Arms wasn't (unless I am bloody blind) when I walked past late last week. OK it was a bottom of the market dump with shite beer and sub prime customers, but the Gartsides (no apostrophe required) tiling reminds me of the possibility that it wasn't always so.

Would it ever do better or even well enough in more capable hands? I doubt it somehow.

Gartsides Brookside Brewery was in Ashton Under Lyne.


MicMac said...

Sad - such a lovely looking frontage (aside from the shutters) that tiling's just great.

A 5min walk from our house there's a closed Birkenhead Brewery pub - it's not a fantastic building, but has several smoked etched brewery windows. Poor security has meant that at least one of these has been smashed. Very sad.

Eddie said...

Bury's one time GBG stalwart The Rose & Crown on Old Manchester Road is shut up too! Not sure what the story is - I'll monitor the situation!