Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Molson Coors Continues Cask Push

I've no time to comment really, as I'm off to Glasgow until Friday in a few minutes, but Molson Coors is certainly going for it cask wise.

Sixteen cask ales are launched over the year and if you want the whole story, the good old MA has it here.

The beers are:

• Stones Nice Try & M&B Blueberry — on sale until 26 March

• Stones Hedge Hunter & Worthington's Spring Shield — 17 March to 16 April

• Hancock’s Lamb Chop — 14 April to 21 May

• M&B Strawberry & Stones Back Hander — 19 May to 25 June

• Worthington's Summer Shield & Stones In the Bunker — 23 June to 23 July

• Hancock’s Lawn Mower — 21 July to 20 August

• Hancock’s Penned In & M&B Plum — 18 August to 24 September

• Worthington's Autumn Shield & Hancock’s Counting Sheep — 22 September to 22 October

• M&B Chocolate Orange & Worthington's Winter Shield — 20 October to 31 December



Kristy said...

Very :0)

Simon Johnson said...

It'll be interesting to see how the seasonal Shields turn out; Winter wasn't great.

And why use the Stones / Hancock / M&B brands? To disguise where they're brewed? Or to keep Steve Westby's vitriol level at maximum ;-)

Cooking Lager said...

And no news on Carling Premier, the barstools.

Sue said...

Any idea if/where the fruity ones might be had locally?

Barm said...

Have I got this straight? Mitchells & Butlers are a pub company, the remnants of Bass Retail, but Molson Coors still own the brand Mitchells & Butlers for beer?

RedNev said...

It is interesting. I'm just wary from previous experience of big brewers pushing cask beer, but I'm happy to keep an open mind on the matter.