Sunday 26 February 2012

A Heads Up

On my return to Manchester after my visit to Scotland, I popped into the Angel for a restorative pint. Luckily for me there was Hawkshead NZPA on the bar. Now this fits the description "dangerously drinkable" like a glove, with its zingy New Zealand hops and its six per cent strength. Being of the twitter persuasion, I tweeted my experience. Matt, the Hawkshead brewer, replied that I should drink it while I can, as it will be rested for a couple of months to be replaced by a similar strength beer with all American hops.

A double edged sword that.  Something to look forward to and something to miss, but I share the information as a public service.

Luckily I have a couple of bottles of NZPA left. I will be sure to eke them out carefully.


GeordieManc said...

Also available at Electrik in Chorlton. I found the latest batch to have a little bit too much hop oil giving a very weird mouth feel.

Erlangernick said...

Nelson Sauvins deliver a distinctive flavour and what I could imagine to be perceived as "oiliness". If that's what it's hopped with, and really WELL hopped, yeah, it could be very different from others.

Wouldn't mind being able to try it, pity I probably won't be making it to the Alvinne Beer Fest this weekend, where it's supposedly on in a dryhopped version.

Tandleman said...

It felt fine in my mouth again last night. NZPA that is.

Erlangernick said...


As it turns out, I was wrong -- it's the Jaipur and other Thornbridge treats that will be dry-hopped at the ACBF, not the NZPA. And I may very well be going after all. Anyone want a lift from Franconia?

Big fecking pdf festival programme here: .