Friday 20 December 2013

A Christmas Tale

Well sort of. There is a lot of talk about once a year drinkers and how busy pubs are with these detested amateurs and while there are very amusing pieces written about them, I tend to agree with Curmudgeon in that it is nice to see pubs as busy as they undoubtedly are.

 In the very busy Crown and Kettle a few of us met up with some others that were already there. The pub was packed and the bar staff busy, but service was quick and attentive. It was my round and while two of our comany sat down with their pints, I carried over the other two and a half pints of Ossett Silver King. As we sipped them it was obvious they weren't going to clear and the taste was distinctly bottom of the caskish. I took them back. Given that it was busy, I wasn't sure what my reception should be but there was no problem. The barmaid said that she'd put a new cask on and bring them over to me in a few minutes. I looked at the crowd dubiously and said "Are you sure? I can come back." "No. I'll bring them." Ten minutes later I saw her weave through the crowd with our fresh beers and put them down with a smile. "Sorry about that" she said. As I say so often, it really is about the offer and taking that little bit of effort for the customer.

That was a lot of effort. Respect to this lass for going the extra mile.

Ossett Silver King should always be pin bright.


Cooking Lager said...

Warms my heart at this time of year. ITV should film it and stick it on after Liz gives her talk. Better than all that Ebenezer rubbish that is little more than a left wing attack on good honest capitalism.

Anonymous said...

Without being overly busy, I had a similar warming exoerience last night in the Victoria & Albert in Horwich. Travelled a fair way for a pint of Wilson Potter "In Shreds", slightly off (end of caskish). Barman approached me for my thoughts, accepted that it was not quite there, took it off and replaced it. Proper service, of a type too rarely seen. To be commended.

Paul Bailey said...

" Respect to this lass for going the extra mile." Definitely!!

Birkonian said...

Cross Keys in Chester a few weeks back the cask went a few minutes after we'd been served. The barman asked if our pints were o.k. (they were clear). I said that I knew that the cask was coming to an end but wasn't complaining. He insisted on changing our pints. Good service like this sticks in the memory.

Anonymous said...

Birkonian - I think you speak for all there. Or at least me anyway!

Professor Pie-Tin said...

This weekend has seen the start of the 12 pubs of Christmas malarkey that seems to be the new vogue.
Every half an hour a gang of 15 early 20-somethings dressed as Santa or elves arrive in the pub and order 15 of the same pint.
Next pub it's 15 of the same different pint.
And so on.
I was safely tucked up in bed as all the projectile vomiting was going on later.
Young 'uns.these days !

Anonymous said...

Good to see efficient service highlighted. You too often hear about all the negative stuff, expressed by the many whingers and sad sods that frequent our boozers.