Thursday, 19 March 2015

To Milan Forthwith

In a few short hours I'll be whisked off to Milan by Mr Ryanair. Along with the Great Gonzo and sundry others from Bieres Sans Frontieres at GBBF we are meeting our Italian pals for our Annual General Meeting.

A great programme is promised, with visits to Birrificio Lambrate ​with headbrewer Fabio Brocca, dinner at Lambiczoon ​with owner Antonio “Nino” Maiorano. Then a bit of business with the BSF Annual General Meeting​ at the Birrificio Italiano restaurant in Lurago Marinone,  followed by a beer tasting  of special beers of Birrificio Italiano​ with headbrewer and founder Agostino Arioli and a visit to the brewery.  We then re-board our coach and we're off to Birrificio Menaresta​ to be greeted by  partner and founder Marco Rubelli.   If we are still alive after all that, we go by coach to Monza for a tasting and aperitivo at Birrificio Carrobiolowith headbrewer and founder Pietro Fontana.

I'll let you know how I get on. 

I'll tweet the odd thing too. My mobile company Three allow me to use my UK allowance in Italy. Top guys.  I'll even be able to ring the lovely E free of further charge.

We get a day off on Sunday. I might even see some sights. Apart from hungover BSF types that is. 


Jeffrey Bell said...

SIghts to see in MIlan: the duomo. The end. Not my favourite Italian city I have to admit. Lambrate is brilliant though.

Jeff Alworth said...

Say hi to Agostino and the folks at Lambrate for me. I wish I could be there with you. A Tipopils and a Gaina would hit the spot right about now.

Rob Nicholson said...

Beers without frontiers - catchy name for CAMRA v2 ;-)

Ian Johnson. said...

I can recommend Doppio Malto at Erba, while you are in the area. I had some fine English ale there.

Jeffrey Bell said...

Howay man Pedro, pull your thumb out your arse and tell us what happened then

Tandleman said...

Patience Jeffers. It's coming.

Jeffrey Bell said...

You're taking the piss now, Pedro. Howay, get a shake on. The travel report better be pretty monufuckinmental when it finally comes.

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