Friday, 31 May 2019

Mildly Unhappy with Myself

May was - and as I write still is - Mild Month. Now I like mild, especially a good dark mild with a bit of richness and and a tight creamy head.  And hush the mouth of the contributor to something or other, somewhere, about sparklers, who said that mild (of all things) doesn't need a sparkler. It does.  In fact all cask conditioned dark beer benefits greatly, even if in the best of condition, from being sparkled.  Cast into the outer darkness anyone that tells you differently. Personal preference aside, they know not of what they speak and a thin, headless mild will not attract anyone but the most joyless of malcontents to the genre - and it is a genre that surely needs help and the best of presentation.

Anyway, late to the game through circumstance and laziness, I had a couple of pints of Pictish Black Diamond Mild on Wednesday.  It was lush. Very lush. So much so I regretted my previous two pints and wished I'd noticed it earlier.

I couldn't imagine it unsparkled. Nor should you.

With my usual fecklessness, I didn't take a photo of the beer. Yu'll have to make do with the download from the website.

Paul Wesley, the brewer at Pictish is a tremendous brewer and a very fine fellow. Seek his stuff out. He is a Scotsman too, so bonus.


The Beer Nut said...

Maybe I do things in an odd way, but for me the attraction of the beer happens before I order it. Inspecting a poured pint and then deciding whether or not to purchase it is a superb idea, however.

Tandleman said...

I suppose it would be but you've lost me. I guess it must be like the Irish journey.

The Beer Nut said...

"headless mild will not attract anyone"
Why would that matter if they've already bought it?

Barm said...

For me the greatest recommendation of all is if I am in a pub and my drinking companion says that the beer they are drinking is good. That is far more likely to motivate me to buy it than any awards it might have won, advertisements or reviews on blogs.

So it might not sell that initial pint, but it will sell others.

electricpics said...

There's little more disappointing in a pub than ordering a pint and being presented with a flat, unappetising beer with a few bubbles on top, especially with dark beers.

Barm said...

Yes, flat beer is unappetising, but a well conditioned beer will form a good head of foam without the aid of a sparkler.