Monday, 24 November 2008

Quote of the Week

Yes I know it's last week, but do you know a better one? Quote that is, not week! I still smile whenever I think about it. Well done Tyson.

And the quote: "Apparently it was National Tweed Underpants Day, which is a sacred day on the IOM."


stu said...

Make your bollocks sweat wouldn't they!

Rednev said...

Many a true word... etc:

"National Underwear Day was founded, and had its inaugural celebration in August 2003. Since that time, it has become a grand scale annual event featuring underwear runway shows at the center of Times Square in New York City, underwear changing tents where the public comes to receive their own complimentary fresh pair, and live appearances by underwear models on the morning news shows. Every year, we celebrate yet another full force tribute to what everyone wears underneath."

Taken from: