Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Pubs are full of them. If you go to the right pubs that is and know that character in this sense means someone different and worth knowing. Someone who is different and not worth knowing is usually the pub equivalent of the "nutter on the bus". Sadly there are plenty of the latter too, but get out and about a bit and there is usually someone worthy of note if you keep your eyes (and ears) peeled. It's yet another thing that makes pubs interesting places.

My other "local" when not supping Lees in the THT is the Old(e) Boar's Head (Page 338 of the GBG) and there's one or two characters in there in the tea time crowd. One such is Wayne. So much so, there is a plaque on the wall at his usual spot. It's in the picture. Sorry about the photo quality.

I had my first session on Lees Coronation St Ale on Sunday. It was good.

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Neville Grundy said...

It is the presence of characters that distinguishes pubs from bars and other alcohol outlets. I seem to attract the 'nutter on the bus' type sometimes, but then - for all I know - that might be how others view me!