Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Quiz Leagues

Our pub is in one, both summer and winter. It can be a lot of fun, but not when you are assailed by so many pop and film questions that you get roundly stuffed, as we were last night. We did have some absentees, but for us, pop music is the kiss of death. We aren't that hot on films or television either come to think of it. Still, for the publican, it's all good - a guaranteed captive audience on an otherwise quiet Tuesday night.

Of course, every cloud has a silver lining; the Lees Brewer's Dark was on great form, the meat and potato pie excellent and the company good. Pubs provide a social focus that is hard to beat. I can't imagine the quiz league would be much fun if held in someone's house over a few cans and bottles.

By way of illustrating the eclectic nature of pub conversations, I overheard a bar discussion about bats. The landlady hadn't seen any bats and doubted that there are any. Well I've seen plenty up there. So have some of the locals. That point was being hammered home as I left. I hope it doesn't affect the landlady's peace of mind.


RedNev said...

It's just a pity that the established quiz leagues with two competing teams of four and a league table seem to be getting squeezed out by ordinary pub quizzes. I was in a team for around 15 years that had as its home pub the Railway in Tithebarn Street, Liverpool; we were called the Railway Sleepers. It was better than our first name: the Uncivil Servants.

Paul Garrard said...

I guess it's the taking part that matters. Doesn't matter if you don't win!

Jeff Frane said...

She doesn't believe in bats?

Tandleman said...

I think she believes in bats, just not that there are any knocking about on Tandle Hill.