Sunday, 21 June 2009


It's nice to get feedback about your blog (good and bad) and I don't just mean the comments which are usually specific to a particular topic, or daft stuff elsewhere, but when you hear about it in another way, or someone writes to you "off blog".

I had two such instances this week. Firstly a brewer wrote to me about various comments I've made about his beer. He actually agreed with me and explained what had gone wrong and what he was doing to put it right. Refreshing - and there will be more about that in a separate post. The second was less direct in some ways, but worth mentioning. I wrote a piece about a character in a local pub I frequent. It's here. Yesterday Wayne, the subject of said piece, said to me he had been approached by the Manchester Evening News about the plaque featuring him that I mention in my article. They had got it from my blog and wanted to write about it. Excellent. Wayne is delighted and so am I.

Of course if the MEN wants to credit the source, it'd be even better.


Gazza Prescott said...

I like your blog. it's one of the only ones written by someone who knows anything about beer - I'm sure you know what I mean by that...!

Keep up the good work, it is appreciated.

Woolpack Dave said...

I like your blog too. We may have some differences of opinion but at the end of the day a good discussion about the issues can be useful. In fact, it would be somewhat boring if we all agreed.

At this time of year I have much less time to read and comment, but I still pop in occasionally.

I know the more astute journalists are using blogs for information. However, I'm not sure they always quote the source.

Tandleman said...

Gazza - thanks. Your opinion is worth a lot - in my opinion of course.

Dave - I think actually the only area we sort of disagree about is the beer tie and I reckon we can just agree to differ. (We can probably agree about the PubCos, but possibly not about the Family Brewers.)

RedNev said...

TM: it was your blog that gave me the idea of doing my own beer & music blog. I'm not in the same league as you purely beer bloggers, but then I was trying to do something slightly different, rather than simply replicating what you and others do so well anyway.


UK/DK said...

i think your blog is largely crap, but that's not to say it's isn't interesting once in a while.

Tandleman said...

Once in a while is better than nothing.

Anonymous said...

You're among the best of the English beer bloggers, keep on posting!