Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Bavarian Beer Prices Stable

As the good weather returns and the beer gardens open again, public broadcaster Bayerische Rundfunk reports that most Bavarian drinkers can enjoy a beer at last year's prices. The exception is Munich where prices have gone up by around 20 cents a litre. The somewhat bizarre explanation is the Munich attracts more tourists who steal more beer glasses. It seems for example, that 30,000 mugs a year are stolen from the Chinese Turm Beer Garden alone.

Beer price inflation in Germany, like here, runs way ahead of "normal" inflation which since the 1950's has run at around 300% while beer prices have increased by 1500%. Seems to be an easy profit maker for both retailer and government no matter the country!

Get away from Munich though, where you will pay €6.90 a litre this coming season, prices are much more reasonable. According to checks conducted by the radio station, prices per litre have changed little since last year, when they were on average €4.40 in Bamberg, €5.20 in Passau, €5.60 in Augsburg, €5.80 in Regensburg, and €5.90 in Nuremberg and Würzburg. The most affordable Maß was found in the Upper Franconia region, in the town of Hallerndorf, for just €3.50.

So there you have it. Not only does Franconia have the best beer in Germany, it is cheapest too. Another good reason to go if you haven't been or indeed, if you have.


Cooking Lager said...

The Chineser Turn even has a glass deposit do dar, cheeky blighters.

Tandleman said...

I think they need to up the deposit to the price of the glass. Hey Prestwich, problem solved.

Cooking Lager said...

Cheapest way of getting one is to buy the litre can of Paulaner with a free Maß glass at the Kardstatt grocery (in the basement of the department store). Places like the Höfbrauhaus flog 'em in the gift shop too. Depends what logo you want. Most places are happy to sell you one, if you ask. I rather like weissbier glasses myself.

You've inspired me, Tand. I'm going to do a post offering the blogosphere my guide to nicking glasses and the danger of nicking 'em in foriegn climes. Got to be careful of foreign rozzers.

Paul Bailey said...

Just waiting for my son to confirm when his college term ends before booking our trip to Bamberg.
4.40 Euros a litre - I can't wait!

ps. Bought a Mass glass years ago in Lidl's.

Erlangernick said...

I believe the 3.50€ in Hallerndorf is actually in Stiebarlimbach, which is a village within the community of villages administered in Hallerndorf. And there, yes, eine Maß costs the same as last year.

I've not been yet this year, as weather ain't cooperated, but the much more traditional Witzgall Keller poured their hoppy, pale Kellerbier under gravity for 3.20€ last year. They're only open Sundays and holidays though.

TIW said...

My flatmate in Munich used to insist that the beer gardens 'expected' you to take the masses home. We used to cycle home with them hanging from our handlebars.

Barm said...

Handlebars? Dangerous. You want one of these Maßkrug-holders: http://www.cleverstuff.de/htdocs/mh_gallerie.php