Monday, 3 May 2010

Bengal Lancer

I bought a bottle of this the other day to see if I would find it better hop wise than the cask examples I have had in London.

It opened with a nice hoppy hiss and there was a bit of hop taste, but sorry, I found it rather highly carbonated, a bit thin, underhopped for what it is meant to be and just not the beer others have raved about. I couldn't discern any sediment either.

Maybe I just don't "get" Fullers beers.


Tyson said...

Haven't had the bottled version but on cask it is rather underwhelming.

Bailey said...

I've not had the bottled version either but really did like the cask. I've had it in a few pubs now and it was better in some than in others. My starting point is a general fondness for Fuller's beers and perhaps part of the appeal for me is the contrast it offers to London Pride. If you don't especially like Pride or ESB, then I can see that BL wouldn't strike you as exciting.

Gazza Prescott said...

No, I think you've "got" them bang-on... bland and over-rated.

An IPA, is it? Could have fooled me; tasted like ESB with a touch less sweetness and more nasty raw hop oils.

Tandleman said...

Well I think so too actually, but lots of respected people have raved about it (Zak Avery, B&B and more).

It's them isn't it? (-;

Paul Garrard said...

I had a bottle of this last night and thought how wonderful it was. I get Fullers. As far as I'm concerned they brew fantastic beer. I'm not sure I'd call Bengal Lancer an IPA, but then what is? It's not as hoppy and bitter as I would expect for my idea of a real IPA, but was nicely malty with a good hoppy smell and some hop on the tongue. I'd buy a bottle again.

Baron Orm said...

I enjoyed Fuller's Bengal Lancer [baron rating 4/5] but I agree that it's a little lacking in the hops.

I too was expecting more after the discussion it had got via beer blogs and tweets.

But we can't all have the same tastes can we! :)

Tandleman said...

Baron Orm

That's true enough.