Thursday, 3 June 2010


Cider making isn't that big in Germany, but nonetheless it exists in places. A little known fact is that Frankfurt is a bastion of not only financial dealings, but a centre of cider drinking, with a number of dedicated cider houses or Apfelweinlokal (there are other names for them too), mainly located in Sachsenhausen, where a lot of Frankfurt's night life is based. That's where we'll be staying.

Now I'm not the biggest cider fan in the world, though the odd pint of Old Rosie or Black Rat doesn't go amiss, but this will be different and I'm looking forward to the cider houses, as they'll surely be worth trying. There will be beer too of course, though that's one thing Frankfurt doesn't really excel in, being dominated by the giant Binding, but there is always weisse bier, as the weather promises to be hot. Scorchio in fact, so hooray for that.

So I'm off to London later and despite the strikers best efforts, we'll be flying BA from London City. A good move for us as not only is the BA fare cheaper than the atrociously expensive Flybe from Manchester, it is an easy journey for us direct to the airport from Tower Gateway, round the corner from our flat. We'll be there a full six hours earlier than our other 17 friends too, so an opportunity to steal a march on them and explore!

So tonight a couple of drinks in London. I wonder where?


Chunk said...

Hit Brew Wharf.

The other half loves cider but hates beer. We went to Munich and Nurnberg last year and she spend the whole time drinking wine. Maybe we should go to Frankfurt next.

Don't forget to have a sausage or two.


Erlangernick said...

17 others! A bloody invasion!

Tandleman said...

Well we don't go about mob handed generally. Signing off now. Off to London.

Montague said...

Been to Frankfurt many a time Mr. Herr'man. Remember Martini Pilsner?
What about Kropf? Mine's a large Apfelkorn on the rocks meatsack.

Erlangernick said...

Okay, "bloody" is perhaps übertrieben. "Beardy" might be more appropriate.

Wonder if there'll be any Apfelwein scooping into bottles to take home. Less than 100 ml, mind!

Erlangernick said...

Apfelwein ist GUT. Das ist alles.

Can't believe I've lived here for so long and had never known of the phenomenon.