Thursday, 15 July 2010

Gwladys Street - For MicMac

This'll bring back memories Mike! Your two childhood sweethearts, side by side. In no particular order of course and I suppose they looked better when you were a lad.


RedNev said...

Liverpool Organic Brewery has produced a pleasant beer called Pier Head, which apparently began life as an attempt to recreate Higson's, but isn't much like it.

MicMac said...

I didn't say I fancied them :~)

I don't know - I guess I'm a sucker for a bit of awful wordplay & pun.

I also liked the fact that quite a big business decided to include local place names & local humour in the marketing of their products.

There's a few more Wirralian ones & others here -
"Wallace E Tunnel", "Birk 'n' Head", etc.

MicMac said...

@RedNev I didn't know about that, interesting.

I brewed much of the beer of the short-lived Bootle reincarnation of Higsons (the recipes were recreated by Stuart Thompson, former brewing chemist at Higsons) - I'm not sure exactly what's happening with the brand now.

Tandleman said...

No need to be shy Mike. You are among friends here! (-: Thanks for the link too. I usually rely on RedNev to keep me up to date with attempts to recreate Higsons.

RedNev said...

My favourite Wirral Old Higsonian was the rock superstar, Rock Ferry.

Erlangernick said...

Speaking of Liverpool. Just read in a rag yesterday that girls there are the second cheapest/easiest dates in the country, after Essex.

RedNev said...

Another great reason to love the city. They're more independent minded and often insist on paying their own way.

dave m said...

and who could forget this lot:
Otto Spool
Doc Road
Phil O Monic
Belle Vale
Clayton Square
Pierre Head
Norris Green
Lord Street
Kirk Dale
Mag Hull
Olive Mount
Count Erode

I could go on. The biogs on the backs of the drip mats were amusing too. Happy Days.