Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Brewsmith Beers

Now I don't often give tips for the top, but when I do pin back your lugholes and listen, as I've quite a good track record in recommendations. Think Hawkshead, Weird  Beard and Buxton to name but three.  I don't see this latest tip in quite the same way, but if you want rather well made traditional beer, I'd give them a go. They are named above - Brewsmith - and funnily enough though, while  they are in Ramsbottom which is 95%+ in my CAMRA Branch area, they are situated in the 5% that isn't (Stubbins). A shame that but there you go.  Technically it is in East Lancashire.

I know James the brewer a little from before the plant (10 barrels of stainless steel) was even set up and while we still reckoned they were one of "ours". I've bumped into him a few times recently, including at IMBC a couple of weeks ago and last night in the Baum where he was doing a "Meet the Brewer" and I was attending a Rochdale Beer Festival organising meeting.  I've liked all the beers they have done so far - well the ones I've tasted anyway - and last night was no different. I drank the Pale, a distinct pale and bitter beer with a clean hop aroma and great drinkable bitterness. It was so good I ended up having four pints of it and only stopped when the beer ran out.A nine gone in just under three hours.  I switched to the meatier and stronger Stout which had oaty smoothness and a complex coffee and liquorice taste with some light fruit notes and a bitter finish. These are cask beers and trust me, they are good.  If you see some, buy the beer and see for yourself. As far as I know they don't do keg (yet) but bottles will be soon.

Have a look at the website here. It all looks rather shiny. I'm due a visit and must  get up there soon.

The picture above looks washed out, but since I didn't take one in the pub, it has come off the website. The beer with a CAMRA discount was a bargain £2.70

SIBA recognised Brewsmith too as they won three medals at the recent North West competition.


Stonch Beer said...

TAND I think I've had three or four Weird Beards and while I can see there's definitely talent there, my own and others' experience is they aren't consistent, they tend toward the unintentional murk and I know from distributor price lists that they're bloody expensive (not that I ever ended up selling them). Therefore much as I would defer to his BLESSED TANDNESS when it came to brewery tips, Weird Beard's a surprising one, particularly from you.

Tyson said...

Glad to see you catching up, old boy. I agree with your appraisal of Brewsmith and that's why I named them as the best new cask brewer of 2014 in my Golden Pints awards. Unfortunately although they do have a Ramsbottom postal address, they're actually half a mile outside of it in Stubbins, East Lancashire. Now we know that East Lancs wouldn't know a good brewery if it hit them in the face with a wet kipper, so you need to sort out taking it off their hands.

ps I agree with Stonch. Weird Beard? Really?

Tandleman said...

Now Boys. I tipped them for the top and they are I believe rather popular amongst the hipsters and neatly trimmed bushy beard and a quiff lot. I have had one or two of their beers up here and enjoyed them, but I take a broader view here.

John Clarke said...

Well this is bugger. The next Opening Times has a piece about Greater Manchester SIBA winners and includes Brewsmith. I was sure they were one of ours. I think the Stubbins anschluss is in order. Get the troops massed at the border.

Tandleman said...

If only I could. I think it would suit both ROB and Brewsmith.