Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Want to Talk About Beer?

We'll be having a discussion on beer at Manchester Beer and Cider Festival on Saturday 23rd January.  OK, there will be lots of discussions about beer at the festival, but this will be a pukka organised one, with someone helping the discussion along and keeping some kind of order, some geezers sitting at a top table talking bollocks about the amber nectar and there will even be seats - 100 of them - to stop the drunks falling over before they can get round to asking questions. 

The Great Manchester Beer Debate will take place in the foyer at Manchester Central. You will have to pay to get in, but there's no cost to come along and ask our distinguished panel that burning question. We'll have Dave Bailey of Hardknott, who will also be singing and dancing to warm us up, Jeremy Stull from Beermoth, Mark Welsby from Runaway Brewery and creeping in quietly and trying desperately to keep up, will be your hero, Tandleman.  We will likely also have one other local on the team and holding the jackets will be Connor Murphy who will tread a fine line between control and hysteria as the ale fuelled debate ebbs and flows.

That sounds OK doesn't it?  Do come along and make it three pints in lively.  2.30 p.m.

Don't forget the beer tastings either. Roger Protz, Christine Cryne and John Clarke. What's not to like?  This is not your ordinary CAMRA shindig.


Cooking Lager said...

Why is there no TANDCON16 logo on this thing?

Stonch Beer said...

Just to be clear the TANDCON16 attendees - the event happens in parallel to this CAMRA lark you're banging on about - won't be there to talk about beer, we'll be there to drink it. Pints only. Stick it upside down on your head when you finish. That sort of thing. I'm going to get one of those t shirts of the bulldog pissing on the euro symbol. And a fez.

Rob Nicholson said...

Sorry I'll miss this but attending two days is all my doctor will allow!

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