Tuesday, 16 February 2016

New and Newer

Two things to tell you about. Firstly I'm invited to the formal launch of a new brewery in my CAMRA Branch area and even better, the brewery is run by two of my active members. How good is that? The official launch of Serious Brewing, run by Ken and Jenny Lynch, is in a couple of weeks but tomorrow night, despite the brewery initially concentrating on bottles, there will be a cask of their stout on in the Flying Horse and I'll be there to run my palate over it and give my verdict. I'm really looking forward to it and to sampling some of the Belgian influenced beers they'll subsequently produce. Their first core beer, Goldrush, a 5.6% golden pale ale is based on Trappist and Abbey beers and two other core beers are planned, a farmhouse saison and a Belgian stout as well as seasonal beers throughout the year.  I'm not sure if the stout is Belgian influenced, but only one way to find out. It all sounds quite exciting doesn't it?

Exciting in a different way is the news that my area will be getting its first micropub. The Old Post Office hopes to open next week in nearby (to me) Castleton. Cazzy (or is it Cazzie?) is between Middleton and Rochdale and not far from my two local pubs, the THT and the Ship.

Regretfully in terms of attending any opening night next week, I can't, as  I'll be in London for London Beer Week events, but I'll be going this week to interview the new owners for our CAMRA Magazine, More Beer, so I'll hopefully learn all about them and their plans. I'll let you all know.

Whatever else you can say about the beer scene in Greater Manchester, it is in constant flux and showing great confidence and resilience. I'm really excited about both.

Part of that flux will see Outstanding Brewery move to Salford from Bury. A little bird tells me that business rates had a big hand in that. Win some, lose some.

Twitter: @seriousBrewCo; @TOPOAleHouse

Photo shows (top) Jenny and Ken Lynch and Bottom, the Old Post Office mob.  I couldn't make my mind up where to place the photos, so I've just plonked them in.


Anonymous said...

Business rates can't really be a decisive factor in any business relocation. We'd be talking a difference of a few thousands pounds, not something would justify the cost of moving nor one that would render a worthwhile business unprofitable or not.

Business rates get bitched about because they seem so arbitrary and unfair, being charged irrespective of profit or loss. But they aren't actually a significant percentage of turnover for any business of consequence.

StringersBeer said...

If relocation were planned anyway, it might well be a decider on where to relocate to. Eh, Anon?

Tandleman said...

True enough but there may be other incentives. I accept what you say though rates may be a factor.

RedNev said...

Making your ming up - been forging antique Chinese porcelain?

Tandleman said...

Thanks Nev. Collected!