Tuesday 13 June 2017

Even Me Now It Seems

On Saturday I fancied watching the football. OK I dreaded watching the football as it was Scotland v England, but I still wanted to see it. I like the suffering you see. Of course we could have watched it at our flat, but I like to watch such things in the pub.  Among people. I had also just come back from my holidays abroad and after generic 5% lager, I fancied a pint or two of real ale.  As you do. In two different pubs - we switched pubs at half time - the beer was poor.  Usual problems of it being warm and flat and in the first, nobody that I saw at least, was drinking it, while in the other, it was just not kept well enough.  So far, so normal.  I was after all in London where it is foolish to believe that hope will overcome experience, especially in summer.

Next day we walked along Wapping High Street and we had a drink in Sam Smith's Captain Kidd. E likes it there, but then she has a higher tolerance of the Wapping set than I do. I had Sam's Wheat Beer - I wasn't chancing the cask -  and E a half of Pure Brewed Lager. I believe it was the best part of seven quid the pair in this "cheap" Sam's outlet. We left after one and continued our walk and as we neared the flat, debated another drink in a pub.  We decided on balance not to and nipped in to Sainsbury's to buy a Sunday Times.  Being lushes, we also bought a cheapo bottle of wine for just under £7.50 for both wine and newspaper.  Back at the flat we read the paper and supped the wine.  It kept us going for over three hours for around 70p more than our OK-but -nothing- special beer in the Captain Kidd.  And the wine, (on offer of course) was just fine as a background accompaniment to the Sunday paper.

No wonder people sup at home. No wonder pubs are empty. And some galoots will tell you we aren't paying enough for beer!

I'm not picking on Sam's here. It would have been seven notes almost everywhere in E1.

The football wasn't that bad either as it turned out.comparatively speaking.


Curmudgeon said...

Of course those two beers are at the premium end of Sam's range. How much is a pint of Pure Brewed in that London nowadays?

Nick said...

I found the OBB there to be in excellent condition on my one visit last summer. Tell E I like the place too, lovely waterside garden. Spectacular, actually.

Tandleman said...

£4.50 Mudgie. As is India Ale. I think the Wheat Beer is the same, but might even be more.

Curmudgeon said...

Sam's "Southern" prices seem to be 50% above their "Northern" ones, so they're not such a stonking bargain down there. What's the going rate for a pint of Stella in London, I wonder?

I'd say the best value is further down the range with OBB probably £3.00 and Double Four maybe £3.15.

Cooking Lager said...

Staying in with a cheeky red? Check out Aldi Malbec, fella.

Professor Pie-Tin said...

Or indeed Aldi's Toro Loco Superior.
Great drop for not much coin.
It's my go-to bottle.
I buy one for the missus so I can go to the pub.
I thang you ...

Anonymous said...

The problem with drinking at home is that it lacks the free drama you get in pubs, even in Wapping. Not everyone wants drama, I appreciate.