Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Fancy a Pint at the Rovers?

While I am in less than serious mood, I came across the story that ITV, the makers of Coronation Street, might franchise the show's pub as a High Street chain. ITV managing director Dawn Airey said: "We are absolutely looking to exploit all our brands in a far more commercial and efficient way. "A huge amount of value lies in big ITV brands like Coronation Street and finding more creative and imaginative ways of exploiting those brands."

I think the idea is laughable, but at least the Rover's sells cask I suppose. Any other views?

For foreign readers, Coronation Street is a long running and popular soap opera.


Tyson said...

A crap idea as you say. ITV are desperate for money but if this ever gets off the ground I'll be surprised. Theme pubs are so out of date they are nearly retro.

The Beer Nut said...

The whole franchise pub thing freaks me out generally. Having a Rover's Return franchise wouldn't be any less weird.

Paramount have a similar deal going on with the Cheers franchise, I think.

Zak said...

I've had a beer at the Rovers - the original one at Granada studios. It was a party for the launch of Fosters Ice in about 1996 *shudder*