Friday, 14 March 2008

One for the Road

And what a one it was. I tried a pint in the Horseshoe Bar on my way to the station. This time the Caley beers were augmented by two guests, Bombardier and Caledonian XPA which for some reason was on offer at a pound a pint. I didn't spot this and had some Deuchars against my better judgement. It was merely OK, but I enjoyed my time in this classic bustling bar for the place rather than the beer.

Leaving there a thought struck me. Didn't the Toby Jug round the corner also sell cask? It did. The pub was buzzing as only a Glasgow boozer can and cask was selling well. For my delectation were two "winners" as the scoopers would say. Hebridean Celtic Black was 3.9%. Dry, malty, black as the Earl of Hell's waistcoat, with some balancing hops in the finish. Goodness knows what made it so black, as it had no roast malt profile at all. Still it was a decent beer in the style of a strongish 60/- ale. I had one left to try in the 20 minutes I still had. Tryst Brewery of Falkirk is a new one on me, but watch out for it. The beer was Drover's 80/- and promised to be a classic Scottish Export. Well the brewer got that wrong thankfully. Instead of the sweetish, malt monster expected, my first sniff told me I was in for a treat. A waft of flowery hops rose to meet me.The mid brown beer was clean, with layers of resinous hops interwoven with a subtle flowery leafiness. The malt underlay was excellent, providing a solid tasty body. The dry resinous, hoppy finish was distinct and lasting. This was no Scottish Export, but an American style Pale Ale, verging on the IPA. I eagerly grabbed another half and zoomed off to Central Station disappointed that I'd wasted my time on the Deuchars.

So a great finish to my Glasgow samplings. Did the Tryst knock the Kelburn Misty Law off its winning perch? It did. Just! Believe me I can pay it no higher compliment.

Glasgow is a great city with some great beer. Scotland is producing some great beer too. Go there!

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Anonymous said...

I had Tryst 80/- at the Derby Beer Festival last summer and absolutely loved it. Alas, I've never seen it again.