Friday, 21 August 2009

A Level Celebrations Banned

It seems my neighbours, Oldham Council are at it again. They stepped in and banned a night club "Mink" - great name - from running drinks promotions, including free champagne, free vodka jellies, and buy one, get one free on selected drinks. The operator was told to cancel the promotion or face immediate closure for failing to carry out a risk assessment - one of the licensing conditions imposed by the council.

I don't like Oldham Council's overall approach one bit. It seems to me they opened the Pandora's box some years ago and are now desperately trying to close it. The late night scene and ghettoisation of the Town Centre started well before the new licensing laws, with bars being encouraged to apply for late night extensions. It's being going on and growing for years, but a couple of things occur to me in this getting the genie back into the bottle exercise. Aren't most A level students under 18 when they get their results? And anything that saves the poor buggers from "vodka jellies" is probably a good thing.

The Publican has the story here.


Curmudgeon said...

No, since students take their A-levels in the year in which they turn 18, and the academic year lasts from September to August, virtually all will be over 18.

Tandleman said...

I've never got to grips with English education despite my 30 years here. I was going by my niece who isn't 18 yet, but has just passed her A levels.

Still, my other points stand.

RedNev said...

Oldham Council had a budget deficit of more than £17 million last year and imposed job cuts to help reduce it. This nonsense is hardly a good use of scant resources.

Anonymous said...

So the councils are tightening the
noose on the pubs ,good,
the yellow bellied publicans who
caved into the the smoking ban can
now do a bit more running.
Let them cater for the burger and
benefit brigade and slip the Bailifs a Speckled Hen

Cheers mines an Estrella Damm

Ex Morris Dancer