Monday 4 June 2012

Anxious Moments

Sorry for the silence but I have had broadband problems, so if you have contacted me and heard nothing back, do send it again. It may have been lost in my many frustrating attempts to solve it, as for once the problem is with my PC, which is blatantly refusing to recognise and connect to my wireless signal. So this is being typed from E's laptop. Grrr.

Anyway - enough of that -back to beer. Madge has provided the excuse for more beer drinking today. To celebrate, my pub lot, wives and families included, are decanting to Colin's for a chance to demonstrate our loyalty by raising a glass or three of decent beer. I sourced it and set it up. The handpumps are installed, the beer has been stillaged and conditioned. Colin and I had a quick taste of both yesterday and all seemed well. The beers were clear as a bell and sparkling bright with condition. They should be perfect today and yesterday's icy and wintry blasts drove away any lingering doubts about the beer being too warm. Colin's regime of wet towels can be cheerfully abandoned.

So what's the worry? I'm used to looking after beer. I've looked after literally thousands of casks of beer in my time, with a pretty good success rate. I know what I'm doing and I'm confidently looking forward to the do today. But this is beer for my friends and I can't help but worry if it will be OK.

Anxious moments.

Beers are Empire Brewing Fastnet and (of course) Wilson Potter Tandle Hill. They will be served as God intended, through a tight sparkler.

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Neville Grundy said...

I've been demonstrating my loyalty by wearing my favourite hammer and sickle badge!