Tuesday, 19 May 2015


We are always being told by the anti drink lobby of  "alcohol fuelled violence", but I have remarked here and in comments hither and thither that I can't remember the last time I saw a fight in a pub.  Well I can now. Sort of.

On my usual Wednesday out at the Regal Moon in Rochdale last week I was vaguely aware of a young woman sitting with an older man in shorts. I was waiting for the rest of the lads and, as you do, I scanned round to see what's what. They were chatting amiably and I wondered for a second if he was her father.  Then when my friends arrived, I forgot all about her and everyone else in the pub, but did notice her and the older guy moving tables as they joined another two men at a table in front of us.  That was that until an hour or so later.  I hadn't noticed them moving yet again, but a sudden shout arose to our right and I turned to see aforementioned guy falling backwards to measure his length on the floor.  The Duty Manager rushed over and within seconds the guy was heading for the door.  It transpires that when a row arose, he and the girl stood up and the girl laid him out with a single punch. She left through the other door.

An unusual incident I think you'll agree. I'm still guessing though that it will be a long time before I "see" a fight in a pub again.

No. I have no idea what this was all about and I didn't see the actual punch or know why she felt it necessary.  I'm passing no judgements here at all. 


Jeffrey Bell said...

A bit of chew to liven up a night.

I think your focus on gender here must be sexist or something though. I'm not sure why but to be on the safe side I'm going to say you're worse than those bogs that were shaped like Mick Jagger's lips. Those were sexist too. Everything's sexist.

Tandleman said...

Reporting facts can be regarded by some as sexist in these difficult times I suppose.

I'm walking on thin ice here.

RedNev said...

It's not sexist simply to mention that a person happened to be a woman. As for your main point, I can think of only one punch I've observed in a pub in 30 or more years, and even that was some time ago.

Jeffrey Bell said...

Stop mansplaining before you trigger someone's anxiety, Rednev. And make sure you're sitting properly. Legs together.