Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Live from MBCF (2)

Two and a half hours to go before the Trade Session and it is looking good. Site teams are finishing some of the bespoke stuff like brewery bars, Bar Managers are getting pumpclips on, doing price signs, checking quality and much more. The place now has the appearance of a beer festival though there is some tidying up to do. Most of the food stalls have set up, beer judging has started and we are getting there.

Update. Events overtook me and it is now less than half an hour to opening. We are now though much more ready. Hi Viz off, hall inspection with Security passed. Health and Safety good to go.  We might even have a few hundred beers available

I need to go now. Duty calls, but I could do with a pint. Now less than 25 minutes!

Eventbrite - our ticket people - intervened. God they are complicated in many ways and hard to contact in every way.

Now 20 minutes to that beer.


Syd Differential said...

Good luck old chap.
There are beer bloggers who walk the walk.The rest mostly talk a lot of jibber-jabber.

Cooking Lager said...

You guys should keep this beer festival going as a perpetual festival with no end date. Then there'd be no need for pubs and no need to bother about them shutting.

Aly Lench said...

I like the live thing you're going, sort of feels like I'm there. Maybe you could add some pictures next time?

What's your favourite beer from yesterday?