Thursday, 24 January 2008

They Don't Like it Up 'em!

Our friends in InBev, providers of Stella Artois, aren't happy with Young's decision to boot them out. Read all about it in The Publican.

I am sure our hearts bleed for them. Not.


Alex said...

"And we also have the highest number of upmarket drinkers of any beer brand"

Are you having a larf???

Rednev said...

No tears for Stella Artois, of course, but I notice that InBev’s response to their public humiliation is along the lines of “We don’t care - we’re bigger than all of you, so there!” It’s reassuring to know that the captains of the brewing industry can debate at the sophisticated the level of “my dad’s bigger than your dad,” and defend their products without ever once referring to their taste.

Disappointingly, Young’s reponse is little better: “The new drinks range will ensure we meet the needs of customers who are visiting Young’s pubs for the quality of the service, the offering and the overall experience. Young’s has always prided itself on the quality and individuality of its pubs, as well as its serious approach to food.” Seeing that this issue arose because of a change in Young’s drinks range, how bizarre that they too make no reference to the taste and quality of the drinks they stock. It all sounds like the old Whitbread line that it wasn’t the product that mattered, because people go to pubs for a “leisure experience.”