Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Around the Beer Blogs

This is the first of an occasional look at other blogs and what they are currently concerned with. I've stolen the idea from elsewhere!

Stonch, after lighting the blue touchpaper about the state of Hart Brewery's pumpclips and being branded a "Southern Jessie" for his trouble by the owner, has turned his thoughts to a real woman, though regrettably a fully clothed one. He is genuinely astonished when the beery types that read blogs haven't actually heard of his fantasy women, which does give a generational indicator or two. Beer wise he gives the once over to a couple of very decent pubs, one of which I'd like to visit someday and the other, I already have. Last night he shook his liver awake with a 12.5% beer. I always enjoy this blog which somehow manages to set the cat among the pigeons one way or another.

Boak and Bailey whose blog grows on me, are concerned with complaints about late delivered home brew supplies and duff pints. They admit to a reticence about complaining, which must make them popular with non deliverers and bad publicans! A decent piece about family brewers deserved a few more comments I thought. Comments, like pies, are nice! Today they wish they were in Cologne. I wish I was too! A Swift One has a lovely ranty story about Lees daft new beer glass. Great stuff. Not at all "cheery beery". He also has a claim that Huddersfield serves the best cask ale in the UK, which given the source for this claim is "Cask Marque", I suppose is tongue in cheek! Maeib seems taken with Cask Marque's dodgy claims too, but makes some very good points about Sainsbury's 26p a pint cider.

Pete Brown found himself in hot water when he took the hump about an anonymous comment and was then accused of "hypocrisy" by other bloggers and those who comment on blogs. His fellow professionals rushed to his rescue and a bit of a squabble ensued. "Real bloggers v professional writers (aka paid hacks) masquerading as bloggers seemed to be the theme, with accusations being implied rather than actually bandied about. Should those who make their money from beer writing refrain from blogging? A case can be made, though not on balance a convincing one. But the furore highlighted that not all would necessarily agree with me on this.

I enjoyed the Beer Nut's piece about An Brainblásta and Porterhouse Brewing. I had the full tour of this little fella when it was in the eaves of the Dublin outfit a good few years ago. You couldn't get me out of the place (the pub not the eaves) and I still enjoy a pint of Wrassler's 4X in Covent Garden from time to time. Finally for this round up, the Southport Drinker tries to harden his heart against smokers. He doesn't quite fail, but he weakens. I am sorry to say that I see their current misery as payback time. Pubs are just so much better to go into now and I don't stink of smoke any more, any time ever!

If I have missed your blog, don't worry, I probably won't next time in about a month. Final point, I try and comment on posts of other bloggers. I know it encourages me when I get comments. I hope it encourages them!


Ale Louse said...

If you can come on here and praise Tetley Bitter then I can milk this Cask Marque thing 'til the cows come home! ;-)

Thanks for the mention!

Mark Edwards said...

Nice round up and thanks for the mention. Not sure how a swift one's blog has passed me by before today. It'll now be on my must read and links lists. Cheers.

The Beer Nut said...

Stonch is not a Southern Jessie.

He's from the North.

jefffrane said...

You should figure out how to use links in your posts, Pedro. You've got all these interesting blogs mentioned, but each name should be linked to the blog.

Boak said...

Ah, that's sweet of you, thanks!

Tandleman said...

Beer Nut - I know but presumably the guy that called him it doesn't.

Jeff. I was just being lazy. The links are all there on the left hand side of the page including yours!

John Clarke said...

Stonch isn't a southern jessie - it's worse - he's a born again southern jessie with all the zeal of the convert. Imagine if you will a Geordie dressed up as a pearly king, eating jellied eels washed down with a bottle of Newcastle Brown and I think we have him to a tee!

Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

Stonch wouldnt drink Newki brown surely.

Anonymous said...

I am much to lazy to set up my own blog let alone even register to respond but I do appreciate the effort others put into their blogs.