Tuesday, 12 February 2008

London Bound

On Thursday I'm off to London for the weekend. I like to have Friday free while my partner is at work. She is a little less keen than me in traipsing round pubs, so I'll put it to good use. We have already agreed to visit Zeitgeist, following the suggestion of Boak and Bailey. It will fit in nicely either after our theatre trip on Saturday, or maybe Sunday if it is open. Stupidly the website doesn't mention opening hours. This brings me to a brief rant. What is the bloody point of a pub having a website if it doesn't cover the basics?

So if anyone has any suggestions of pubs in London that I ought to go to, please let me know. I am hoping to visit the brewery at the Cock and Hen before it goes tits up, but that depends on what else takes my fancy.

I might even make a return to the Jerusalem Tavern.


Bailey said...

I'll be interested to know what you think of Zeitgeist. We emailed the landlord and landlady to tell them we'd had a good time and let them know about the post on our blog, and got a very nice response. The website is a case of keen amateurism, I'm afraid. They'd be better of with a free blogger or wordpress page, to be honest -- as would many small breweries! Animated gifs, garish background graphics and confusing navigation schemes do them no favours in terms of 'building a brand'.

young camra collectiv said...

Sure you're already aware of this place but in case it has slipped the mind...


Current seasonal ale is Harveys Kiss 4.8% honeyed beer - unfortunately their Porter won't be on until March.

Tandleman said...


I do know this pub but I have to be a heretic and say that Harvey's beers don't really excite me that much. Harvey's distinct yeast with honey? No thanks! I dislike most honey beers.And honey!

In any event I doubt if I'll be heading that way.