Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Taking on the Supermarkets?

I notice from the "Morning Advertiser", that Tony Brookes of the Head of Steam chain has teamed up with Sam Smith's to offer customers a better deal on takeaway beer. They did this over Christmas too, though not with Sam's. Then in addition to buying unusual bottles, you could earn free bottles by drinking lots of cask beer.

The aim this time is to "get the take-home trade the supermarkets can't get" by offering quality ales not generally available elsewhere. They are keenly priced too at £19.99 for twelve.

It is a nice idea but a mere pinprick, though an enlightened and helpful comment was made by a publican contributor who said "
RE: Pub chain takes on supermarket booze deals. I tried the free bottles to take home idea over Christmas, but found most of the breweries reluctant to help. Only one did - Thwaites. I don't have the clout, even as a free house because of volumes, nor the resources for POS etc . Perhaps if Tony were to invite other independents to join the scheme, buying power could be shared and the campaign gain momentum. Just a thought."

Maybe "just a thought", but maybe not a bad one. At least you'd have to visit a pub to take it up.


Stonch said...

The notion that pubs can serve as major outlet for takeaway booze is long dead and it isn't coming back. If it works for a handful of boozers who are effectively preaching to the converted (i.e. pub-going, quality beer drinks), fine, but as you say it will never be more than a mere pinprick.

Tandleman said...

Best we can hope for as you say.