Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Alive Alive Oh!

Last night was loading the van for the Oldham Beer Festival and unloading the van. Twice. We have a lot of kit and a lot of it is heavy and last night we had lamentably few volunteers. It is now all in the large goods lift at the venue and will have to be unloaded and made into a beer festival today. Something to look forward to. Yes for the festival, no for the unloading.

Afterwards we staggered into Oldham's Premier Free House, the Ashton Arms. On the bar was one of my favourites, Skipton's delicious Golden Pippin, but as I was only having one, I eschewed it, on recommendation, for a pint of College Green Brewing's Molly's Chocolate Stout. This Belfast brew was a smooth, sweetish stout, with a milk chocolate hit and some dark malt flavours. Served cool and with a rich head it did the trick. I headed off satisfied, but who knows how I'll feel after today's hard work? By the way I do know the beer is not named after the song, but the premises where it is brewed!

Oldham Beer Festival is at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Oldham this Friday and Saturday. Details from the link above.


The Beer Nut said...

Not quite: To the best of my knowledge, College Green at Molly's Yard is not yet brewing and this is still made by the parent microbrewery Hilden. Funnily enough, the mainstream Hilden beers do include one named after Molly Malone: a red porter.

Have to say I found the Molly's Chocolate a bit thin. I like my chocolate stouts, well, stouter.

Andy Holmes said...

I'll point my brother in the direction of the festival, he lives in Royton. It's a bit far for me though (200 miles).

Tandleman said...


I was wondering if Hilden were still brewing it but wasn't sure. Ta for info. It wasn't that thin but I like my stouts stouter too! This was too sweet.