Thursday, 24 April 2008


Well we did find something to drink. Remarkably our local JDW (Goodman's Field) had Stone Double IPA on. I had three pints of it despite it being 7% abv. I won't go into detail again about this British brewed American inspired hop monster, except to say it is a great drinking experience.

Those who have passed on it have missed a treat.


Zak said...

Hmm, I would've though it was all gone by now. Maybe I'll have a quick trawl of the varous 'spoons in Leeds this weekend.

Tyson said...

I too imagined it would be all gone. You lucky boy. That's one beer that even London can't ruin.

Tandleman said...

It was great. Might call in again tonight and punish myself more - if it is still there!

MicMac said...

I've heard people complaining that the bittering hops (Target) gave a too harsh bitterness to this beer - it must be 3-figures in IBUs of course it's fuggling bitter!

I managed only to get the last pint out of a cask, but it was still excellent, despite some yeast being drawn into it!