Sunday, 20 April 2008

Change of Scene

When I mentioned to Graham that E and I would be in Manchester later on Saturday, we agreed to meet for a drink. Still shell shocked from our Northern Quarter experience, we agreed to meet at the Knott Bar on the other side of town. This is not a traditional pub, rather a converted railway arch where the thunder of class 158 trains overhead mingles with the conversation of the many different types that frequent it. There are comfy sofas and low chairs, traditional tables and barstools. It is a pleasant place. Scanning the bar there was two Marble beers and a new one on me from Pictish. Admiral was pale, golden, hoppy and bitter in the typical Pictish style. It was so good all three of us stuck to it, though I did finish with a pint of excellently conditioned Ginger Marble after Graham had departed.

We walked back towards our bus, pausing to watch a display of marching and more from a Ghurka Band, celebrating 100 years of the Territorial Army. This was followed by a magnificent firework display. I had to wash the smuts out from my hair this morning. Inevitably we needed a pee after this. The nearby City Arms beckoned. The beers were largely mainstream, so I settled for Tetley Bitter which again I thoroughly enjoyed. E was less fortunate in her Coach House Cheshire Gold, but I could have predicted that!

Altogether a more satisfactory trip to Manchester then my most recent one and I got to hear an Army band play "Sunset". Who says it's grim up North?


Tyson said...

Who do you think had already tested the water and made sure Admiral was pulled through for you? Sometimes my selflessness even astounds me.

Tandleman said...

And me!

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