Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Bad Bayersoien

Bad Bayersoien is a neat little Bavarian village nestling under the Algauer Alps. Our hotel accoding to the blurb outside is one of the top 200 in Germany. People come from all over for the "Kur". It is a spa hotel. This is a spa town. However like all lists, it depends who compiles them and to what purpose and with what independence. We had a ridiculously good and over filling meal though and the room is very nice indeed. No pork scratchings on offer in either, sorry to report.

If this is such a top gaff, how come the only draught beer is Veltins Pils and why is the wheat beer Paulaner? Two biggies from the top international fizz merchants. I know I will find better tomorrow. This area abounds with local breweries. Hopefully I will let you know. Anyway, for now it is bed for me. We go to bed early in the sticks and this is the sticks!

Sorry for the stilted language. The keyboard is a QWERTZ. Y and Z are swapped. God knows where the punctuation marks are!


Zak said...

I think "schweinefleischschale" is German for pork scratching - see if that gets you anywhere.

Erlangernick said...

So, just in time for nice turn in the weather, eh? Mid-August, global warming...what a pißer. Sorry about that.