Monday, 11 August 2008

Last Thoughts on the GBBF

Friday wasn't as busy as it has been in the past, though busy it still was. We were in control throughout. Saturday was busy too, but all too soon for the punters and not nearly soon enough for us staff, time was called. We grabbed a drink in the last few seconds and fled behind the bar where we sat for a while, too stunned to say much, the adrenalin gone, the moment passed.

It is customary to do some tearing down work after the bar is tidied up and stuff brought back behind ready to be loaded away. This gets you to the point where, when it is done, you have maybe an hour or two or more to wait for the staff party - without a drink. It really isn't worth the wait, with a formula that is repetitive and boring. If you do attend, when you get to the point through drink that you are starting to sort of enjoy it, you have to go for your last tube. Those staying in halls of residence are taken back pissed much later. The party, if truth be told, is for them. After a few quiet farewells, we slipped off un-noticed, for a curry in Earl's Court Road and a few glasses of wine back at the flat.

Was it a success? Probably. The view from on high, though couched in water muddying terms, seemed to be that we had less punters, but they supped more. I think that might just be right, but we'll see.

I want to leave you with one anecdote: Three South Africans at our bar. A combination that some might think unlikely now and unthinkable not so long ago - two white and well over six feet, dressed in SA rugby shirts. In the middle a little pissed black South African who could have walked under a table with a top hat on. He wasn't tall. All with impenetrable accents. After unsuccessfully trying to elicit his order from the little guy who was taking the piss, I said "you're a right bloody nuisance you aren't you? " All three replied in more or less unison agreeing profusely, wrapping their arms round each other and laughing helplessly. I liked that!


Anonymous said...

You must really love beer, from what you've said you certainly didn't spend all that time in Earls Court for the ambience!

Top anecdote too.

Tandleman said...

John - It is not a very conducive place. I should have said so in my blog, but I've done the footnote now. Earl's Court is a gloomy, humid,soulless place.

Love beer? Only good beer. Sometimes.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding like a kiss arse, the BSF stand was amazing, I almost wished I'd had more time to sample some more beers, almost!

Jeff Frane said...

"impenetrable accents"?

Ah, yes, the proverbial British irony, that.

Tell that to the fellow sitting next to you in the Pot Still.

Great story about the three South Africans, though.

jocko said...

Iwent on tuesday to the trade session .Stayed 4hours had 27 beers -all real ales mostly new beers from new brewers.The beers on Bar Nouveau were absolutely brilliant. Its sad that most of the bloggers ive read seem to have drunk the AMERICAN beer its meant to be a British real ale fest.

Tandleman said...

It's the rarity valuue I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Jocko - The reason I tried the American beers was that I doubt I'd ever get the chance to try them again. If the new brews are any good, and I've no reason to think they wont, I'll see them out and about in the pubs where I will no doubt try them.