Thursday, 7 August 2008

Beer Tasting at the GBBF

Well that's what you do isn't it? Today is a little different for me. I'm leading a tasting event for some corporate guests. It's a few years since I've done this and of course I'm a little nervous. The last few events I did were on German beers, of which I know a bit. This time it's British bottle conditioned beers. Oh!

Yesterday was quieter for me. I met no-one in particular, the bar wasn't too busy and it gave me some thinking time. The main fact that hit me square in the guts was that you eat appallingly badly at GBBF. I felt off. My stomach is starting to rebel against fried breakfasts, pork pies and samosas. Delicious though these are, they are not a good idea for a week. After yesterday's huge cholesterol injection, I ate nothing else at all and just drank very modestly. I slept like a log when we eventually got home. Today - no fry ups and no pork pies!


John Clarke said...

No-one in particular? Charming! Guess that since I'm not one of your la-di-da blogger chums I'm no longer on the radar. I don't know - one whiff of celebrity and the little people are forgotten.

The Beer Nut said...

I'd have thought being a regular visitor to Germany would make you somehow immune to salt-and-stodge. Ten days in Munich nearly killed me a few years back and it was weeks before I could look at meat again.

In other news: la-di-da.

Tandleman said...


You are never overlooked and not that little anyway. BN - German food is surprisingly good if you choose wisely. I'm off there next Wed and expect to eat well.