Monday, 1 September 2008

Damp Squib at the Dampf Beer Brauerei

As a footnote to Oberstdorf, I sought out the Dampf (Steam) beer brewpub while E had a kip. I won't send a fiver to the first person who guesses what the beer was like. They had the unholy trinity - an unfiltered helles, an unfiltered pils and a weiss bier. Bet it took some time to think THAT beer range up. I'll tell you this time what my notes say: "Helles - Usual unfiltered mess. Dull, watery and unfinished. Dunkel: Dull, muddy snd yeasty. Hard to tell it from the helles." I don't write too kindly of the weizen either!

I liked the pub though again. I wrote "it should be said that the pub is absolutely superb. A tree (false) dominates the bar, but it works! The brewery sits in the middle of it all and the decor is typical German dark wood, but with good lighting it looks great. I go on to admire the barmaids!

That's a recurring theme of mine in Bavaria. I wonder why?

My notes also say that it is seemingly owned by Hirsch Brau. As I recall it had photos of the Hirsch Brewery on the wall, so maybe I am guessing. I had been drinking!

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