Monday, 1 September 2008


As part of my attempt to get fitter following my strenuous holiday, I walked to the pub yesterday. All 4.5 miles. E was still in London and her last words to me before I set off were "take a brolly". Needless to say, I ignored this sage advice. Halfway up the lane the heavens opened and I was soaked though. I arrived at the pub like a drowned rat. The landlady kindly went and fetched a proper towel for me - the paper towels in the loo wouldn't have cut it at all - and then, with a soaked shirt and a coiffure like the Hair Bear Bunch on a bad day, I sat quietly steaming.

All this was forgotten though as the company arrived and the ale flowed. Soon I was dry outside and wet inside. It rained going back down the lane too, but by then, I didn't care!


Anonymous said...

Beer - Is there anything it can't fix?

YCC - Dubbel said...


Do you know what's happened to Tyson? He seems to have fallen off the earth & when I try to get onto his blog it says something about invited readers only. Is he alright?


Concerned of YCC

Tandleman said...

Tyson has suspended his blog for the time being. He is fine though. I hope he'll resume it too.