Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Condoms Outsell Beer at Weis'n!

Cold, rainy weather resulted in lower beer sales at the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Six million visitors drank only 6.6 million litres, a reduction of at least five percent from last year. The cold weather apparently encouraged visitors to snuggle up a bit more, though: condom sales were through the roof. Manufacturer Durex reported 1.5 million were sold in just the first two weeks of the festival. "With that kind of turnover," exclaimed Durex marketing manager Gerald Schreiber, "maybe we should think about developing a special Wies'n condom!" (Weis'n is local Bavarian for the Oktoberfest). Schreiber did not indicate whether the company would consider naming any future Oktoberfest condom the Weißwurst, or if they would opt instead for the more traditional Bavarian blue and white checked colour scheme.

Now I have never heard of the Oktoberfest being a great place to cop off, but respect! Maybe with the recession and the price of a litre of festival beer having broken eight euros, the alternative is more attractive? Or is 1.1 litres the maximum visitors feel they can cope with before sexual congress? Usually it takes a bit more than that before the sap rises!

Either way only 1.1 litres per visitor. Hardly worth going for that. Or maybe you just can’t get served - with beer at least!

I thank thelocal.de for this story and the photo and my mate John for pointing it out to me!

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The Woolpack Inn said...

So, we should find out if there is a corolation between condom sales and beer sales in this country.

If condom sales have increased over the last 10 years then perhaps there is a link.

Ban condoms - drink beer!!

But look on the bright side. Perhaps beer sales are decreasing, but there is more chance of getting your leg over!!