Friday, 3 April 2009

The Healey Hotel

The Healey is a neat, well appointed, three roomed Robinson's house in a rather nice part of Rochdale. It should be a roaring success and indeed with the same landlord for years, it was. Now he has retired through illness, which saw the pub going through something of a decline.

Today it gets a new boss. Those who drink in the excellent Baum will know Simon the owner. He is taking over the lease of the Healey. Watch out for big improvements. OK it is still going to be Robbies beer, but it will be served well. He intends to do two permanent beers and one guest from the Robinson's list.

Good news for Rochdale drinkers I'd say


Tyson said...

Good news for a great pub. Any idea which two Robbies beers he will have on?

Tandleman said...

He isn't sure yet - had a chat with him yesterday in the Baum. He did say though it might take a while to settle down to a permanent two, so I guess it'll be see what goes best.

Tandleman said...

From Ian by email:

Still can’t post a comment to you blog for some reason.

Simon actually takes over on Monday not today.

First 2 beers ordered are Dissy Blonde and Double Hop.



RedNev said...

Dizzy Blonde is quite pleasant; we get it sometimes in the Mason's here in Southport. Last week I had a pint of Robinson's Trouble & Strife, which I found was surprisingly good. In fact it was the only decent pint I had on a mini-crawl of Southport's two J. D. Wetherspoon houses. I think it's only a seasonal beer, which is a pity.