Wednesday, 4 May 2011


I read somewhere over the holiday period - Twitter probably - that cask Jaipur has been "flabby" recently and bottles were much better. Last night in the Regal Moon in Rochdale, it was superb. Tremendous in fact. For anyone tempted to buy bottles rather than cask, this information is brought to you as a public service.

End of message.


Velky Al said...

For those of use who only have the bottled option, this is good news! I have never had a problem with flabbiness (other than around the waist that it), Jaipur has always been superb.

Adrian Tierney-Jones said...

never had a problem with either cask, bottle or keg.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing that (can't remember who, though) and agreed it had been a bit inconsistent. I had a dull - or duller than the usual top quality anyway - pint in The White Swan in York at the Twissup (everybody else there agreed it wasn't on top form) and it generally hasn't impressed as much as usual the last few times on cask.

However I see there's a lot of it about in the Leeds JDWs at the minute so I'll give it a go on cask again with my vouchers. I never thought it was anything more than a blip and, as whoever said, bottled Jaipur was always as nice and punchy as it should be. Jaipur was a "gateway beer" for me.

Brian said...

Working in a pub who stock it as a permanent beer, I don't feel it's anything like it was about 2 years ago. It's lost a lot of it's bite, in my opinion.

I've sort of fallen out of love with it but I also know it's still a great beer as well as a great gateway beer and there's few beers I'd rather have going national to the likes of 'spoons to represent how fantastic british beer can be.

RedNev said...

This just proves that the beer world is like the real world: we build 'em up ... then we shoot 'em down.

Neil, Eating isn't Cheating said...

It's still a great beer, but i remember my first pint on cask of Jaipur a few years ago(actually in a wetherspoons in leeds by coincidence). It knocked my socks off. Piercing bitterness,huge amounts of grapefruit and amazing citrus flavours. I had it recently in a spoons in leeds, as Nick mentions it is a regular on the bar, and it was still very nice but it isnt the beer it once was.

I'm sorry to say but i'm in the cmap that the beer has changed a little. It's still great, but the bengal tigers lost its bite.

Mark said...

But it tastes great in a bottle and from a bottle I can drink it without needing to leave home!!

Stir, stir, stir. :P

Seriously though, surely it tasting "flabby" in one or two (or even 10!) places could just be down to those places coincidently all handling it badly?


Tandleman said...

I think RedNev has a point as does Mark. I emphasise his second point. His first one is bollocks. (-;