Thursday, 26 May 2011

Ossett on Fire

No, not the brewery, but the beer. Last week's visit to the Regal Moon brought the reward of perfect Ossett Citra - one of my top beers of the year so far - and last night it was back to an old favourite, Ossett Silver King. In brilliant nick and tasting wonderful, this was a reminder, as if one was needed, that good breweries usually stay good. Ossett are on top of their game at the moment and are well worth seeking out.

The beer was flying out and the only worry was that it wouldn't last until bus time. But it did, so happy days.

An honourable mention too for my final half of Acorn Gorlovka Stout. Another tremendous beer.


Neil, Eating isn't Cheating said...

Couldn't agree more about Citra and Silver King, drank them myself recently in The Hop in Leeds (an Ossett pub).

If I had one criticism its that their beers can be a bit similar, all pale, bitter and medium hopped. That said the citra was a great juicy, fruity take on an english bitter that I really enjoyed. I think I had three pints in a row without switching which is testiment to its quality.

Big Red is probably my favourite beer of theirs. It's big, red, and full of hops to boot!

RedNev said...

Silver King won beer of the festival at the Southport beer festival a few years ago, and we had a trip to the brewery to present the well-deserved award. I haven't seen Citra yet, but will try it if I do.

Anonymous said...

Bloody awful pump clip, though.

RedNev said...

I had a pint of Citra this evening and really liked it, but it was so citrus that I couldn't drink it all night. Couple of pints tops.