Saturday, 14 June 2008

On Holiday

Tomorrow I'm off to Spain and France for around 10 days. I might get a chance to post, but I might not. Be good!


Rednev said...

Have fun. We eagerly await your San Miguel tasting notes.

Chela said...

Forget Spanish crap lager, drink some good wine instead hehehehehe.

As I think you know right, Alhambra Mezquita and 1925 Reserva are two exceptions on the regular bland lagers we have here in Spain. However , in my opinion, there're two other interesting beers in the country; Voll-damm by Damm and Zaragozana Export by La Zaragozana. They are recommended enough to have a try.

As far as microbreweries is concerned, Glops by Llupols& Llevats and + Lupulus by CCM, both Catalonia based, worth the sip.

Enjoy your staying here have a good holiday's time

Stonch said...

I have the fondest memories imaginable of drinking 1L bottles of San Mig before heading out for interminable nights in San Antonio Town on Ibiza. That was 1995. My hairline wasn't receding then.

Chela said...

Brit youngsters+Ibiza+cheap San Miguel= Red skinned furious mob hehehe

In 1997, I did the same in a less "glamorous" place, Oxford, with a six pack of Carling. Fortunately I turned into bitter two days later.

BTW, I have ever wondered why San Miguel is so best sold in UK.

p.s- I prefer two hundred times Oxford rather than Ibiza; same amount of British, but better pubs and beer by far....