Monday 12 July 2010


The poll is over. A somewhat disappointing 74 responded to the set of questions posed and only 63 let on whether or not they are a blogger.

The results were kind of mixed, with both good and bad news for blogging and bloggers. The good news is that clearly blogging is doing something right, with 51% believing that it encourages them to drink better beer and a respectable and 37% reckoning blogs the best place to find out the essentials of British beer today. Now you don't have to be a genius to work out that in a poll where you could answer to each question if you wanted, there is a large minority in the first case and a large majority in the second that don't see it that way.

Significant numbers think there are problems of blogs being inward looking and an unhealthy number think it all an ego trip by the writers. Nonetheless, taken as averages of the "positive" and "negative" questions, almost twice as many were on the positive than the negative side and only 9% find blogging as boring or irrelevant.

So a reasonably good result? I think so, but it seems there is still more work to do to satisfy our readerships.

Finally 63% declared as non bloggers.

The results are below for the record.

An essential "must read”? 17 (22%)

A way to pass the odd five minutes; mildly diverting, but that’s all? 29 (39%)

Boring, repetitive and irrelevant? 7 (9%)

A vehicle for overblown egos 25 (33%)

A place that will inform, enlighten and encourage you to drink better beer? 38 (51%)

A self congratulatory, inward looking clique? 29 (39%)

Being affected and overtaken by Twitter? 9 (12%)

The best place to find out the essentials of British beer today? 28 (37%)

In terminal and inevitable decline? 3 (4%)


Rob Sterowski said...

Even if they are a self congratulatory, inward looking clique or a vehicle for overblown egos, that doesn't necessarily disqualify them from also being the best place to find out the essentials of British beer today. Whatever that is.

Tandleman said...

Indeed. On both counts.

Unknown said...

I'm quite happy with my overblown ego.....

Cooking Lager said...

Say what you like about blogging, it beats going down the pub.

Tandleman said...

I like Dave's answer better. At least it's true. (-;

Gentle Kidding Dave.

coxy said...

To the 9% of Boring and repetitive,what the F*ck are you doing on here then?

Alistair Reece said...

Not to mention the cheery 4% who think it is in terminal and inevitable decline. Miserable sods.

Whorst said...

A better way to look at it is to combine three.

Boring, repetitive and irrelevant 9%
A vehicle for overblown egos 33%
A self congratulatory, inward looking clique 39%

Now spin it anyway you like, but these figures clearly indicate descent at a combined 81%.

Beer blogging is for geeks. It's all very interesting for about the first five minutes, then it rapidly goes downhill to a circle jerk of beery credentials.

You are extremely limited by beer itself. I am very surprised by you Tandleman, that you haven't just packed it in. Doesn't it all get a tad boring after a while?? Or is this predominately an ego driven medium where we all look for our fifteen minutes of fame?? Where everyones gunning to be the next Pete Brown??

Turn on, Tune in, Drop out!!!

Sid Boggle said...

It's Pete Brown's birthday!

Jay Brooks has it on his blog!


Tandleman said...

There are lies, damned lies and statistics Monty. I still get the odd kick out of doing this.

Tandleman said...

Sid -If I'd known, I'd have baked him a cake!

Neville Grundy said...

Yes, there are egos. That's inevitable and applies to every aspect of human activity. As a beer & music blogger, I know there are big heads in the music scene too, but that doesn't necessarily mean their music is no good.

It's worth doing it if you enjoy doing it, and some people want to read it ~ or listen in the case of music. Coxy makes a good point, so would anyone who voted that way care to explain?

Sat In A Pub said...

Overall, it's quite benign. Even Cookie will never reach the comedic heights of some of Mudgie's mates, though.