Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Old Brewery Bitter

Way back in December last year, I mentioned I had CAMRA business at Sam Smith's Yew Tree, just outside Rochdale. A committee meeting took me there again last night.

Old Brewery Bitter is still served from wooden casks. At 4% abv, it is a decent strength without being overwhelming. Just edging the top of the "ordinary" bitter band or, if you like, just missing the "best" sobriquet, it is a very malty brew, full bodied, with slight forest fruits, just a hint of woodiness and a nice clean, malty bitter finish. I don't think it has the sheer drinkability that an ordinary bitter needs to have, but it is a good old fashioned brew when on form, which it was last night. I quite enjoyed it.

It was just £1.38 a pint.

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Dave25 said...

I agree. I met some friends yesterday lunchtime at the Yorkshire Grey, just north of Oxford Circus in central London. The OBB was very tasty, slipped down a treat, and was just £1.82 a pint, a very low price for the area.