Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Return to Flavour

I was entirely knackered on Friday on my return home, but after a few hours kip, I was fit enough to pick E up from the station. We went to the Angel to talk over our respective weeks. Catching up is always better over a pint is it not? Two beers on offer. Lancaster Blonde which was a little sweet, but very drinkable after Efes - and Mallinson's TR7 which was pale, easy drinking, with a very pronounced hop nose.

A National Winter Ales Fest meeting meant a trip to Manchester on Saturday, so I kicked off with the reliable Copper Dragon Golden Pippin. Later in Micro Bar, more TR7 followed by a bottle of Brew Dog's 77 - described as an "artisanal rebel pilsner" - which was hoppy and rather ale like really. I've said it before, but this really is a delightful little bar and well worth going to.

Our final stop at the Marble Arch gave me three more beers with more than a nod to excellence. First up Ashford New World Brown from Thornbridge which did exceed my expectations with a lingering hoppy, bitter finish in a very brown body. (You couldn't get them under the Trades Description Act.) Another Thornbridge beer, Kipling, followed which was again in top form. It was nice to see such a hyped up brewery delivering the goods, which is a compliment, not a swipe. One final beer completed a beery day. On E's recommendation, back to basics with a superb pint of Manchester Bitter. We left overbeered. It was good to be home.

Why is the desire for a curry so overwhelming when you've had a few?


Philip said...

It is a bit expensive that Marble Arch, especially the food and bottles beers

Paul Garrard said...

TR7 not a good name for an ale. One assumes the quality of the beer was higher than quality of British Leyland's finest?

Tandleman said...


The food looks good though.


Much better!

Philip said...


The food is exellent. At first glance, it looked as if it wouldn't be enough. It was magical, with two Lagonda to wash it down. The bill was around £20 though. It was not what I had planned after a Microsoft Technet event. But am I complaining? Nopers, I'll probably do it again and again... Be sure not to miss the Stockport Beer festival. I think I had better write a word or two on it later.

curry lovers united said...

Why is the desire for a curry so overwhelming when you've had a few? Because you're obese and have a very bad relationship with food? ;-)

Tandleman said...

Well maybe, but I think, given the amount of curry consumed after drinking, it may be a little more complex than that.