Saturday, 23 April 2011

Back to the Pub

It's been a quiet week beer wise really. Another trip to Scotland with brief flurries into a couple of JDWs between stations and a reminder that in the pub game, things can quickly change.  I have mentioned the very grand Counting House more than once, the first time back in 2008, but to me it has slipped badly, with a range of beers chosen it seems from the arse end of Scottish brewing and very little leavening of decent ales from elsewhere. The quality isn't brilliant either, though the splendour of this former banking hall remains undiminished. I always look into the Drum and Monkey and recently praised them, but on Tuesday it was Caledonian beers all the way.  On my return to Central Station on Thursday it was the same.  If you don't like Caledonian beers you are knocked out of the game. Bad move I'd say and hopefully a one off.

So today I am off to see the landlady in Delph. We'll need two buses and can stop off in the various Pennine villages too. It should be a nice day out in the far reaches of my CAMRA Branch area and as the pubs will all be Good Beer Guide or Good Beer Guide designate, I'm expecting great beer.

With me, I have the lovely E,  whose palate, like many women beer drinkers,  is impeccable. If you think I can be critical about beer you ought to see her in action. I'll let you know.

The photo is of Delph. Nice innit?


Barm said...

Think you mean the Counting House. The Standing Order is the one in Central Edinburgh.

Tandleman said...

Not only have I got it wrong now, I got it wrong then. Thanks Barm. Changed.