Monday, 12 March 2012

Was He Joking?

Spring was in the air as me and E strolled into Middleton to walk part of the way to the pub, a distant four and a half miles hence. A tall, slim figure was coming the other way. I recognised him immediately as J W Lees Second Brewer, or rather, to give him his proper title, Brewhouse Manager. We stopped for a quick chat. "On the way to the Tavern?" he posed. "Yes" I replied for it is hard to deny that I am a creature of habit on a Sunday. "Tried the "Silver Bullet yet?" he asked, referring to Lees new seasonal beer. I replied that I hadn't yet seen it anywhere, therefore hadn't tried it. "Too hoppy for me" he said, hurrying off to his local Lees pub to watch City.

Now I am known at Lees for my liking of hops. I was having my leg pulled. Wasn't I?

"This auburn beer is brewed with spicy Challenger hops for
a full, fruity flavour and a Bramling Cross / Perle blend at
the end for a slightly mellower finish."


Cooking Lager said...

The Silver Bullet? Like Coors Light?

Tandleman said...

Not sure about that.