Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Making My Day

The lot of a CAMRA Chairman isn't always a happy one. Relentless hours of voluntary work aren't that much fun you know, but occasionally you do get a reward. No, I don't mean free beer, but the simple satisfaction of a new member turning up to a meeting, enjoying it and the socialising afterwards and what's more promising to come again. And she was female.  Bonus. We need more female members at our meetings. We need more members at our meetings, but that's always so.

Don't believe that CAMRA is an unwelcoming clique. Mostly, that just in't the case, but like all things you attend for the first time, it takes a few more tries to get in the swing of things.

And we had Mallinson's beer too. What a good do.


Alan said...

You should share more of these inside views. You have changed my view of your interest and CAMRA itself though your descriptions. It's not bragging, just sharing good news.

Anonymous said...

I joined Camra last week; I have been put off joining for many years due to what many (including me) see as an image problem, that said £20 worth of Spoons vouchers was a big factor. I have tried to find out about my local area group as I would at least try one meeting but the website is about 3 months out of date, this does help the image problem, have a word Tandleman, Cheers Peter

RedNev said...

Tandleman: you have shattered our image of being cliquey male chauvinists who don't welcome outsiders into our club, the main purpose of which is to go around pubs in beards and sandals to demand free beer from licensees in exchange for a hint of a possible Good Beer Guide entry.

Well, only if you believe what is written about CAMRA members on the internet by people who, I judge by their vitriolic fulminations, rarely set foot in pubs.

Tandleman said...

Anon - Look them up on the CAMRA Near You bit of the National Web Site

Nev - I don't doubt bad branches exist, but I do doubt there is that many.

Alan. Thanks.

Paul Bailey said...

Well said Tandleman; it's always heartening when a new member turns up. It's even more so when they turn up again! We've been quite fortunate recently in attracting new faces, and it's just what the branch needs at the moment. Hope you manage to get a few more!

Rob Nicholson said...

Common story in almost every branch - need more help!