Friday, 25 January 2008

British Pie Week

British Pie Week is 1st – 7th March 08. Right I know it's not about beer, but it is a well known accompaniment to beer. Why not have a pie and wash it down with a few pints at your local?

I know too that it is merely a way of Jus-Rol the pastry people to sell more pastry, but I like the concept and the site has some nifty recipes.

Pies are nice as the T-Shirt once said!


Ron Pattinson said...

I should get those T-shirts for my kids. They love pies.

I'm teaching them all they need to know about British culture - bacon, pork pies, salt & vinegar crisps, mushy peas and scotch eggs. We haven't got to beer yet. I'll wait till they're 12 for that.

Paul Garrard said...

Pies are nice. Pies in fact are great. Don't forget National Chip week 11 - 17/2/08. Shame they couldn't combine the two. Pie and chips, it'll never catch on !

P.S. thanks for the 'Ranty' moniker. Sums me up !

Rednev said...

The Beer Engine in Wigan used to hold a real ale, pie and live music festival once a year. I used to go with my friends, Ken and Carol Worthington of CAMRA Wigan Branch. The range of pies was amazing, but there is a limit as to how many you can eat in an evening, especially if you want to leave room for a drink. The beer and the music were good as well.

jmike said...

And there I was thinking that it was 13th - 15th March 2008 (Wigan Beer Festival).