Saturday, 5 January 2008

The Power of the Letter

Yesterday I wrote about tepid beer following a letter to What's Brewing from one Keith Flett. Imagine my surprise today to find him on Radio 4 a few minutes ago, talking about letter writing and its purpose. He does about 50 a week to various publications it seems, which doesn't surprise me, as I used to read his letters to the Guardian twenty odd years ago.

He and I it seems share a background. Civil Service, Trade Union and Real Ale. Yes he mentioned Real Ale. He made some serious points and was interesting. He also admitted that he got things wrong. Now I don't know about that generally, but as far as beer temperature is concerned, he is right. He does get things wrong!

No doubt those interested can tune into "Listen Again" on the interweb should they wish to hear what Mr F said. It is in the first 15 minutes of "Saturday Live" on the BBC.


maeib said...

"Civil Service, Trade Union and Real Ale"?

Are you me?

I am a PCS branch Secretary as well as a beer blogger.

Obviously takes a certain type!

Tandleman said...

No. I'm Keith Flett!