Monday, 6 April 2009

Trading Well

Good pubs always do well even in a recession. Only three pubs visited this weekend. Firstly the Marble Arch on Friday night, where we simply couldn't get in comfortably it was so choc-a-bloc with customers. We fought our way towards the bar, but really there wasn't even elbow room, so we shot out the side door and round to the Angel, where despite it being busy, we were able to get a couple of pints, albeit in my case the last pint from two different casks. How unlucky is that? Both were just about OK, but had started to pick up a little bit of taste from the sediment and had that tell tale flatness.

On Sunday my local was busy to bursting with all the beer being in excellent condition and food doing a roaring trade. It was even warm enough for the hardier amongst us to sit outside. There were no polecats and the Landlady assured me they had been barred. Good. They have no place in a pub.

So three different but good pubs, the Marble a brew pub, the Angel a gastropub and the THT, a remote tied house, all doing well. The moral is that give the customers good things and a reason to be there and even in hard times, you'll do well.


Paul Garrard said...

I think you're right, been in my local tonight (Monday) and whilst it wasn't heaving there was a respectable number.

Nice touch with the Giles cartoon!

Jeff Frane said...

What's a polecat? Are people bringing ferrets into the pub?

Tandleman said...

A polecat is a kind of ferret. Smelly buggers. Read here: